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How to be considered

Every SHOOK advisor has endured a lengthy due diligence process that encompasses both quantitative and qualitative checkups—including in-person interviews. Advisors that are honored with a SHOOK recognition know that integrity comes first.

If you are part of a bigger firm, being nominated by your firm is the first step; otherwise you may fill out a survey and we will verify through other means.

Every advisor must be visited by a member of the SHOOK team. Because of scheduling or other conflicts, this may not happen initially, but will be required afterward or the SHOOK designation will be rescinded and the advisor will not be part of any ranking.

Fill out one survey to be considered for all rankings—national, state- or city-wide publications, television and other media events. The SHOOK team will alert you when a survey needs to be updated.

It is important to note that any intentionally misleading information provided by an Advisor can lead to being permanently barred from future consideration.

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