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IT’S HERE!! Forbes/SHOOK Top Advisor Directory

(For ranked advisors only)
– Be seen in magazine–picture, contact info, basic business info. (6.7 million readership)
– Online profile–picture, contact info, article, etc. plus video to come. (65 million monthly visitors)
– Appear towards top of Google search as Forbes/SHOOK Top Advisor, guaranteed!
– Unlike other Advisor Directories, Forbes/SHOOK is not limited to a paywall.
– Complimentary usage of Forbes/SHOOK logo
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Before you take our survey, watch this video to better understand our approach:

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Registration is open (use 6/30/19 data)

Deadline for submission for Best-in-State Wealth Advisors is July 19, 2019 

SHOOK is the only research organization that focuses on the quality of the Advisor (methodology).

Methodology for Ranking


**All data should be a/o 6/30/19**

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